The Letter 'N' and 10 Favorite Things

Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites had a way cute post yesterday. She was assigned by a friend to list ten of her favorite things that start with the letter "T". After me telling her how fun I thought it was, she sent me and e-mail and tagged me for the letter "N". So here it goes...

The night sky...I love star-gazing.
The Orion Constellation is my favorite thing to look for in the night sky.


Non-Fat Lattes from Starbucks.

The Notebook


New knew I couldn't leave Edward out of this list.

Nail polish...OPI is my favorite brand and my fav colors are I'm Not Really a Waitress and My Private Jet

Necco candies. They are the people who make Sweethearts, but my favorite is the old-time wafers. yum.

Note cards like the adorable ones you can buy from Tiny Prints. (

and last but not least...

NOODLES...I pasta!

Hope everyone is having a sweet Saturday! Enjoy the weekend!

7 comments...I love comments:

Shabbywears said...

I love your N stuff! Love Julie

Anonymous said...

I love those Necco wafers too. This was a very neat post.

Impulsive Addict said...

I love me some Joey Joe! I've seen several of these posts lately. I would have trouble finding pictures I think. Good list, Jenny!

AndreaLeigh said...

great choices! starbucks, new moon, nkotb.... all my favorites as well!

Rick Bucich said...

Top 10! Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks for the props!
Have a great weekend

Rick at Tiny Prints

AndreaLeigh said...

i got the valentine's day card today! you are so sweet! thank you so much. i will now have something red to wear next weekend! woo hoo!

Life with Kaishon said...

So cool and creative! I LOVE it. LOVE it like crazy. I want to do it too!