Friday Confessions

I must confess...

  • There are times during the week when I feel like doing something "bad"...well, confession-worthy at least, but then I refrain. These confession sessions are good for me. It's kinda like writing your food in a journal while on Weight Watcher or some other diet. You don't eat the snickers b/c then you would HAVE to write it in the journal. Just goes to show that confessing and being held accountable are good things.

  • I am addicted to Young Adult Fiction. Yes, I, Jennifer Katherine, am addicted to Young Adult Fiction. First it was Twilight, then the other 3 books followed closely behind. Well, where do you go after Twilight? I felt lost. What do I read? How will I sleep at night? What are the Cullens doing while I'm away? It was like Miss Stephenie Meyer just shut the door to the "Twilight world" in my face. Reality is harsh. I liked my alternate reality much know the one where Edward is real. Oh, so where was I...oh yes, Young Adult Fiction right. So, since Twilight I have found myself diving into more and more books that are written for 15 year olds. After Twilight, I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (which I highly recommend). Then I started the Gemma Doyle Series by Libba Bray...I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty and now I'm reading Rebel Angels. Is there something wrong with me? I think what I like the most about all these YA books is that they make me feel young and they are easy reads. I can finish a book in just a few days. Just so you know, after I finish this series, it's back to Twilight. I miss it too much. I'm starting to forget important details about New Moon in particular...that can't would be a sin. I wouldn't want to have to confess that now would I?!

  • I took a Which Gemma Doyle Character Are You quiz on Facebook. When they asked "During your language class you are asked to read a paragraph from the board. Do you...A...?" I totally answered it like I was in high school...the same way I answered the other 6 questions. However, I did NOT post it on my Facebook profile. I sorta kept that one to myself. What other 31 year olds are concerned about which Gemma Doyle character they might be?...anyone, anyone...yeah, that's what I thought.

  • Due to the yumm-O cobbler recipe I got from Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites...I blew my diet twice this week. Once for dinner on Tuesday night, then again at lunch on was just that good! Andrea, the fat girl in me thanks you!
Happy Friday Y'all!

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Gabe Torres said...

Life with Kaishon said...

I know why you like to read those books! It's easy reading. Sometimes I find myself reading the silliest things and I wonder what is wrong with me and then I realize I just needed less stress : ). Reading Young Adult books is WAY stress free because you don't really have to think that much. What do you think of this theory?

Life with Kaishon said...

PS Happy Valentines Day friend o rama!

Liz said...

I think it's ok that you read young adult fiction. I think sometimes those types of books are just fun and less serious.

Impulsive Addict said...

I hate diets. I wish I could make a cobbler but I only like the crust and not really the fruit so it proabably isn't the best idea. However, I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch last night for our dinner guests (sounds way fancy doesn't it??) and I sent the leftovers with M to work today so I wouldn't be tempted. Guess what? Early this morning, I went and wrapped up 5 cookies and hid them for safe keeping. What if I need a chocolate fix? Maybe I'll forget where they are. Eww...then they may rot and get moldy. I should just eat them and get it over with. Ugh.

Jenners said...

Hi! Just stopping by to check out your blog after you visited mine.

I just got "Twilight" to see what all the fuss is about. I have to see for myself. As I can tell from your post, you really liked it.

And I know what you mean about accountability. I started a diet/exercise blog to help me be more accountable for my efforts to lose weight and exercise more -- much like you do with Weight Watchers but without having to pay money. And it is actually helping me!

Thanks for stopping by! It is much appreciated!

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

:) I love your Friday Confessions, I was going to do one today but I think I need to start the writing of my confessions early because I always forget! HA

Oh yes Edward! I often wonder what they are doing when I am not around! hmmmmm.... (insert happy sigh)


AndreaLeigh said...

hahah, i live to please!

i am going to check those books out. i love me some mindless reading. there is nothing wrong with loving YA fiction. some of the greatest literary works are ya fiction - anne of green gables, little women, etc.

Traci said...


You need to read the Janet Evonovich..sp? books w/ Stephanie Plum as the main character....I think there are 12 or 13 books in the series, at least a week's worth of reading for haaaa. One for the money is the first one.....YOU MUST READ THESE!!! You don't just LOL! I promise!!!

Mom2Toribug said...

Oh my!! I need to confess too!! I am right in the middle of the 3rd. Twilight book. I am 34-years-old and addicted to YA reading. There! I said it! I absolutely LOVE to read and will read just about anything. I have a sort of mini bookclub going at my office and we have read some really good books. Not all of them are YA, actually, most of them are not. How about Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? That is a great book. I also like Terri Blackstock which is more mystery, but she is a fabulous Christian author. She has a bunch of series. Reading one of them next after I finish Twilight series, but I have read a lot of them already. Well, off to read for the next little bit.
Wendy (I think I am an Alice too).