My Little Secret

Have I got something to tell you! Whew. I've never been more happy for a date to finally get here, well you know except for the day I gave birth or my wedding day or something like that. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret about something you would normally be blogging about? Let me tell you, it's super-duper harder than saying noAdd Image to Starbucks or staying out of Target for a week...hard. Here at JennyKate's Spot, I like to blog about daily life and when daily life gets exciting, well that's the best! Except when you can't tell! So, I know you want to know what the secret is, right?

A month or so ago, Michelle at Cubicle Confessions (Crazy Daisy's Sister) sent me a message asking me if I would like to come to her sister's SURPRISE birthday. OF COURSE I wanted to!! Michelle had also invited Lisa (Pumpkin Pink Cottage)! It was going to be quite the gathering and PARTY! (Due to some medical reasons Lisa can't come *insert pouty lip and sad face*) Melissa (Crazy Daisy) is one of my closest friends. She's the sweetest person EVER! I wanted nothing more than to go to her surprise birthday party! I live in Oklahoma. She lives in Colorado. So, were about 12 hours away from each other. I had to run it by my husband and see if logically I actually could go. Next thing you know I had a flight booked for Denver! Normally, I would be blogging about the trip and how excited I was to go. It would have probably made it on a Thursday Thankfuls list or possibly even a Friday Confession. There definitely would have been a countdown of some sort, and BY ALL MEANS, I would have talked to Melissa a hundred times about it! Not this time. It was a secret. I pride myself in being a pretty darn good secret-keeper and I didn't disappoint myself...not one slip...I don't think. I'm writing this on Wednesday and I won't be in Denver until Friday, so this will go on the "scheduled post" and will auto-post on Saturday. I'll be sure to let you know if it truly is a SURPRISE like Michelle and I hope it to be!!

Oh, and you know there will be pictures!

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Impulsive Addict said...

I'm so glad you were able to keep the secret! I hope you're having fun in Denver! It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Did Melissa go to school with us? Just wondering.

Thanks for my get well wishes too. *cough*