A Fresh Bathroom

I don't know about you, but I LOVE, like L-O-V-E love, a fresh clean bathroom. It is the first room that gets scrubbed down when I clean house. If you read my blog from yesterday, you know that I am ridding myself of a HOT MESS today...and the bathroom is the first thing to get done! Above all else, I have to have a clean bathroom. The counter may get a bit cluttered during the week from crazy-gotta-be-out-the-door-in-five-minute make-up ventures, and there may be toys on the floor by the tub; but at least in my mind, I know it was just scrubbed down and sanitized only a few days prior.

I think that the decor in your bathroom must stay fresh and clean for it to feel FRESH and CLEAN.

In December, as I was preparing for Christmas, I decided to hang a new shower curtain in my bathroom to help that fresh feeling and to give it a little change. It's a way cute shower curtain purchased from Kohl's. It has little snowmen and little birdies...cute. Now that Christmas is over, I don't want to take the shower curtain down. I just love the change so much. This leads me to a new project. I'm going to redo my bathroom. My inspiration comes from my winter shower curtain...those little red birdies just speak to me. I'm on the hunt for a cute/chic shower curtain w/ some sort of red bird motif (not a cardinal, nothing against the bird itself, but DH is a HUGE Cubs fan and Cubs fans do NOT like Cardinals...that wouldn't go over good). I'm also dreaming of putting a real tree branch in there on one of my walls w/ a like-real birds nest and some little red birdies, w/ some robin-egg-blue eggs in the nest. I want to bring a little of the outdoors in. Incorporating red and robins-egg-blue is essential to the redo.

I found two shower curtains at Urban Outfitters. I guess they could work, but I'm really hoping to find THE ONE...the perfect shower curtain...your shower curtain can be the mood setter for the bathroom, so I want it to be the right one.

I could use this one and find some cool snapshots of birds and could be cool, there's potential.
I could also use this one...but there's no red birds. I really want red birds. I ♥ red.

I bought some of these little red birds at Starbucks (go figure) when they marked them 75% off last week. Not sure what I'm going to do with them just yet, but they are sooooo cute! (Just the birds, not the deer...not that the deer isn't cute, just not for my bathroom).

I also saw this cool vinyl decal on Etsy. I like it too...a lot, but there again, no color. It could work though.

I guess the feel that I'm going for is a Pottery-Barn-Meets-Urban Outfitters kinda feel. So, if you have any ideas, send them my way. I'll be keeping you posted and up-to-date on any changes.

Stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!

~beauty is living a life you love

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melissa said...

okay first of all...if you google, "red robin bird shower curtain" your blog comes up!!! too funny! :) I found this curtain at pottery barn doen not have birds...but it would look great with bird accents in the bathroom i think. I think its totally you. here is the link:

i will keep loooking! i love u

melissa said...

oh and i found this site with 400 curtains too look at!

oh and also...i love that one you posted with the big tree on it...that one is awesome!! love u

Traci said...

I could show you how to applique birds that you would like onto a fabric curtain.....

Drama queens mum said...

I think that will look really nice.

Tiffany said...

Stopping by from SITS. Have fun decorating your bathroom. You've got some good ideas.

Impulsive Addict said...

I was not crazy about the shower curtain where you add your own pics. It looked a little cheap and I can tell from reading your blog that JENNY only has cuteness up in her house!!! Be patient and wait for the PERFECT curtain to come along. (But don't take advice from someone who doesn't decorate her own home!) HA!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am wondering if you could add some color to that shower curtain with the tree? Using iron-on adhesive or sewing if you are seriously crafty. But either way, it's doable!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I love love the tree shower curtian,,,I love that...and the bird decal awesome I want that They sell those at JoAnnes now a whole isle of decal for you walls and windos so amazing...I looked for this post over the weekend I couldn't find it till today...hugs, and love you bunches, L

Life with Kaishon said...

I LOVE love LOVE this post! You are so cute with your dream bathroom being Pottery Barn Meets Urban Outfitters. You are cool. I want to be as cool as you. I LOVE those red birds. I LOVE 75% off. Clearance is my favorite thing in America. And in Puerto Rico : )

I can't wait to hear about your update.

This is the first time I ever clicked on one of those extra stories. What a fascinating blog feature. You always have the coolest things first! Cause you are the COOLIO est ever!