Friday Confessions

Wow, have I been in a blog rut or what? These last few weeks have not been good for the blogger in me. I feel like I have nothing good to write about. Thank the Lord, life is slowing down a bit from all the hustle and bustle from the holidays and then Isaiah's birthday. However, I'm struggling with topics to blog about. So, you can imagine how thankful I was that it is Friday and I can fall back on something familiar...Friday goes...

  • My house is a "hot MESS" (I like using this term. Makes me feel a bit like Miss Niecy Nash from Clean House. "Who wants a clean house?" Don't you love that show?)!



Note to self: GET A CLUE! When laudry basket overfloweth, doeth some laundry!


This is what my kitchen table looks like. Sometimes I think I just want to do away with the kitchen table, so it won't be there to collect junk...then I'm sure we'd just find another place to be the "catch-all"...notice there's quite a conglomeration of things...water bottle, Christmas presents that still need to be put away, art supplies, FORTUNE COOKIES???

  • I'm starting to think that I make resolutions just to break them. They must fall in the rule know the saying, "rules are meant to be broken." Well, so are resolutions...I've already broken a few.
  • I know some of you are really going to frown at me on this one, but I ♥ TV. Yeah, I really like watching TV and I have a tendency to be a couch potato on nights that my shows are on. All of the good shows are back on right now (Grey's, Private Practice, The Bachelor...can I get a woot woot?). This leaves me in quite a pickle, because my house is a wreck (reference back to the first confession) and I have things on my To-Do List that are not checked off...but MY SHOWS ARE BACK ON! What's a TV Junkie to do?...I DVR! Thank the Lord for DVR! Problem solved, right? Hang with me, the problem isn't completely solved. If I DVR, then I like to wake up and watch my shows in fast-forward before Isaiah wakes up. I know this could be useful time to clean house or read my bible or GET READY FOR WORK, but I don't do it...I watch DVR'd TV shows! Is this something I should seek professional help for? I think I just need to keep a therapist on speed-dial these days.
  • I haven't drank more than two glasses of water a day in months! Water is essential to being healthy, so why don't I drink it? I love water. Really. Scout's honor. Well, I was a Camp Fire, Camp Fire Girl's honor.
  • My Christmas tree is still up. If you still have yours up, could you comment me and let me I won't feel alone. Thanks.

Happy Friday! (isn't yellow a happy color)

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The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Hello Beautiful, sorry my tree is down, I wish it was still up I miss it... TV junkie, I'm a computer junkie... but its all good better that then something really bad...I love you..xoxox

melissa said...

hey lovie! I loved your confessions...the pictures or exibits i should say were cracking me up! I just love you to make me smile! I actually just finished doing some confessing too! I love u so much!!

oh btw....the other night when you called..which i did not know about until last night..because when the phone rang michael hit end because he said it was a sales lady!!! Last night i was going through the caller ID and i said to michael, "Ummm... for a future reference next time you see this's NOT a sales lady's Jenny Kate!!" LOL....his response was, "Oops"

love u!!!

~*Mistee*~ said...

U r soooooo much braver than me putting pics of your house up. Mine looks worse than yours ever dreamed of, so no pics from me! lol!!

Yes, my tree is still up, I am making up for not putting it up till almost the middle of December so there! The ornaments are off though, if that helps. Never mind, I think thats worse! ;0)

Life with Kaishon said...

My kitchen table looks like that ALL the time. Sometimes I feel like throwing a table cloth over it so I can make all the mess disappear. When it gets really bad, I just start moving things out to the garage. Note that I do NOT throw out the JUNK on the table I just move it to the garage so I can put off throwing it away!

Our tree is down but that is only because it was real and needles were fallling ALL over the house and I couldn't water it!

You are a rock star! I think it is great that you like TV. Whatever floats your boat.

AndreaLeigh said...

Check my blog tomorrow. There will be a picture on there just for you that will make you feel lots better. :)

Liz said...

Hmmm... that hot mess looks very familiar to me. :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, well, I just had a messy house, but went through it like a madwoman and put it back together... it feels so good!!!

Oh, and I can totally understand about the shows being back on, I'm excited about it!


ReRe said...

please tell me you are watching mamas boys! (NBC). that's some good TV

--TV lover

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh you make me laugh (which I needed this week) I look forward to your Friday confessions so you can't stop doing them! Guess what? I didn't even put UP a Christmas tree so there ya have it! I'm also supposed to be cleaning my house for our weekend guests but I decided reading blogs was more important. I too am a tv junkie and I'm dealing with it with a therapist.

BTW...I love the term "hot mess" as well!! =)
Have a great weekend in spite of our depression from that horrible loss last night. Ugh.

Shelly said...

Okay i can't make you feel better about the xmas tree because I took mine down last weekend BUT I can tell you that we have two DVR's, yes TWO. I don't even have to tell you why. TOO MANY SHOWS to watch. All of the ones you listed and more. So don't feel bad. : )

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am with you...some nights (like now) my husband and I just veg out and YES, I totally watch the Bachelor too! I think it's so fun! And we don't have our tree up still, but I do still have my outside Christmas lights. So really, which one is worse? Having your Christmas stuff in your living room, or on the outside of the house for all to see? :)

Traci said...

Well, my tree is DOWN....but my porch is waving some green garland with silver and red bells at me everytime I pass by on the way out....

I can't believe that I forget to look on my porch each day....I need to quit using the garage so I can take down the stupid garland....arrrggghhh.

I am going to post pics of my closet before and after on the can check out the organizing button on my can participate also!!! You already have the before, that gives you reason to leave it til the 12th...yeah, that sounds to be some good tv shows on before then....what do you think?

melissa said...

im stopping by tonight...just to tell you how much I love you!!! Have a great weekend and text me tomorrow!

Miranda said...

Hey girl...I just took my tree down today. My mom's attempt to make feel better about not having my tree down at the first of the week was to tell me that the German Christmas holiday was January I was good until then. Hope this helps!!

Miranda said...

Hey girl...I just took my tree down today. My mom's attempt to make feel better about not having my tree down at the first of the week was to tell me that the German Christmas holiday was January I was good until then. Hope this helps!!