As I was belting out Whitney Houston this morning on my drive to work, I look down to see LOW FUEL on my dashboard...HELLO....Low said the same thing yesterday and I'm half-way down the turnpike!

To top things off, I left my phone at home for the second day in a row! Wow...I'm really starting the day off great...



What's a girl to do?
Pray...pray really hard...and turn off the air, set the cruise, and pray some more that you can "coast" for the next 10 miles to a gas station. So, that's what I did.

Finally, the Lynn Lane exit was in site and I was saved!

Excuse the no all my freaking-out, I didn't put my make-up on. That usually happens on the way to work, but I was too busy praying. So, I now have a full tank with no worries in sight of being stranded on the turnpike w/ NO PHONE! Seriously, what would I have done? Just waited there until some nice person decided to stop, then what if they were weirdos? Perhaps a night highway patrol would have come to my rescue? Who knows? Glad I didn't have to find out!

Thank you Jesus for gasoline!

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renee said...

looks like someone is too busy playing with her new toy to remember the most important things in life...cell phone and gasoline!! :D

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

omgosh your morning sound just like mine, I made it to the gas station on E very low below E to see they were not taking atm cards or debt cards, CASH ONLY...NO WAY I was freaking I had no cash on me no gas and thank god a phone,I called Gunny who informed there was an ATM inside the station to see if it work...SIGH,,,thank GOD it worked... I was saved...yikes that was no far the rest of the day has been you..xoxo