My Bucket List

Well, my friend Melissa wrote out her very own "bucket list" know like the one from the movie... The Bucket List, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Which by the way is a great movie about friendship and living life to the fullest. So, in response to her blog (, I'm writing my own. However, this is not a simple task. Every time I put something on the list I'm second-guessing that selfish, should I put that, is that REALLY important...but to heck with the second-guessing...This is in no particular order...

1. Spend the MOST time possible with Isaiah and, dad, granny, grandpa, V...all of my family in general...what ever that takes and in every way possible.

2. Take a family vacation to Europe, including stops in Paris (My other home is in Paris;) and Venice.

3. Go back to the cabin/B&B my mom and dad and I used to visit during the summer when I was younger.

4. Get another tattoo.

5. Drink Starbucks everyday.

6. Spend extra time at Church.

7. Finish my dozen scrapbooks I've started.

8. Go on a missions trip.

9. Set in the North Oval (at OU) and sip coffee like I used to when I was in college.

10. Go white water rafting.

11. Play Christmas music every day of the year.

12. Eat dark chocolate daily.

13. Visit, meet, have coffee with, go shopping with, hang out with (and the list goes on) some of my wonderful amazing friends I've met on Cafemom! ;)

There, that sounds pretty good to me. Now, how about you? What's you're list?

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melissa said...

oh my gosh...i love your list! Listen to xmas music every day..i love it! It really mad me think twice about my list. I cannot BELIEVE that I left out God in my list!!! I am very spiritual and If it was not for god....i would not even be here nor would i be able to do any of the things on my "Bucket list" I need to go put him on top and apolagize! You always inspire me and remind me whats important!! I love u so much!!