Friday Confessions

  • I'm playing Fantasy Bachelor.  I told Michael and he rolled his eyes.  What?  If he can get all wrapped up in his Fantasy Football League, I can play a little Fantasy Bachelor.  Are you watching Bachelor??  Any early picks?
  • I'm terribly scared to step onto the scales in my bathroomThey are probably going to give me some error message...or they may start talking to me and their first words would probable be "get off, fat a**".  I've GOT to get back on track.  STAT!
  • Funny story.  My cousin and I use the initials "FA" for "fat a**".  Around Thanksgiving, she was in visiting and we were standing in my mom and dad's kitchen talking about what we SHOULDn't eat, gaining weight, holiday dieting plans (that we didn't keep), and mentioned our term "FA" in the midst of it all.  My uncle, who was eavesdropping on our convo, piped up and said "what's "FA"?  Is that Spanish for something?"  Bwahahahahaha.  I guess it does have a Spanish flair.  Try it..."FA".
  • I've already regifted two Christmas gifts.  I think they were totally appreciated by the recipients.  Do you do that?  I think it's just wasteful for me to keep things I'm never going to use.  I feel like I'm doing a good deed by regifting.
  • Ready for my first Starbucks confession of 2011??...Here it is:  I haven't had Starbucks in almost a week.  I hope they don't break up with me.
Hope you guys have a FABULOUS Friday and a wonderful weekend!


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Becca said...

Wow- seriously? NO Starbucks? Are you sick or somthin????

FA sounds like hefe.....I can see the confusion.

Have a great weekend!!


AndreaLeigh said...

oh girl, I totally hear you on the weight loss. my scale sees me coming and it picks itself up to run and hide.

i'm thinking about joining weight watchers, though... got to do something!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Fantasy Bachelor -eh?! I've been watching but, it's still early to make picks -Sure are some interesting people -Like the gal with the fangs -kinda wondered what you thought about that -being in love with vampires ;) And what a heartbreaking story that lady had who lost her husband and then found out she was pregnant. Like the funny story and know what you mean about being afraid to step on the scale. What no Starbucks?! Is that why they're changing their label ;)

Stacie said...

Fantasy Bachelor is a great idea! My early pick is Emily, from NC, she's the girl whose fiance' died or Ashley, the nanny from NY by way of NC--rooting for my home state, I guess. I definitely think it will be a Southern girl. Do you think there is a Wanted poster with your picture at Starbucks by now?

Life with Kaishon said...

I totally regift! If I can't use it then I share with someone who can. I am sort of a bad gift giver at holidays. I like to give all during the year when I can. And then, sometimes I forget at Christmas.... Not for Kaish of course. But for friends and stuff. This year I gave my best friend Jen a gift card for target. I gave David 3 giant pictures of his kid in frames. That is sort of a vain thing to do, isn't it?

VandyJ said...

We finally re-gifted a wedding present we got 12 years ago. The recipient was very thrilled to receive it. WE hated the the things but she loved them. Definitely the way to go.

Our Crazily-Random Life said...

I love to regift! That sounds really bad but seriously if it doesnt have a place in your home then ehy not give it to an owner that will love it! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I re-gift.

Shawn said...

No Starbucks? Are you feeling ok?

starnes family said...

Does a bear.....?


Is the Pope Catholic?

YES, I'm watching The Bachelor! I will go down in flames with that crap show. Never missed a season and proud of it! It's a total cluster, though. Fully expected, but what a mess.

brainella said...

No Starbucks? Me either, actually. I did have a Caribou dark choco mocha though. :)

Brandy@YDK said...

Ha - i'm doing a new feature on my blog - Fat A** Fridays. that's hilarious.

i don't watch the bachelor.

I need to be a regifter. I'm afraid the original giver will be mad.

MiMi said...

Go look at Brandy's post. Srsly. Great post. A week?! What's WRONG WITH YOU????? Are you okay???

Lemon Annie said...

You never fail to put a smile on my face! I'm going to start using FA! Remind me to tell you a funny story about my FA. I hope my presents weren't the ones you regifted! Although I have been known to regift in the past. Also, I have really good dirt on the girl from Utah.

Anonymous said...

I regift sometimes. I don't usually give something away I received until the next year though. I feel awful doing it immediately after.

Xazmin said...

I'm with Becca on FA! HAHAHA!

And WHY am I not surprised that you are playing Fantasy Bachelor?

I soooo love you!!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I cracked up over the FA comment!! And I'm with you, I'm eating, eating, eating, and not movin'! That's gonna change.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I used to have a coworker whose birthday was the first week of January. Boy she got all the regifts including a bunch from me.

I'm totally into regifting. Why keep something you don't like if somebody else might?

Connie said...

I did a different Fantasy Bachelor...but I like this one better.

FA....I can make that work.

What I really want to know is....what do you think of the the new Starbucks Logo?

Kelli said...

No Starbucks...I don't understand. I'm sure they are worried about you. Loved the FA story...too funny. I don't watch the does the fantasy work for it? I do regift...I confess!

shortmama said...

No SB in a week? They are going to forget who you are!

Impulsive Addict said...

YES I'm watching the Bach even tho I think he's my least fav since he dissed my girl Deanna but I'm watching. My pic is Emily, the girl whose hubby died in a plane crash and she found out she was pregnant a few days after the funeral. She's gorgeous and sweet and doesn't have fang teeth. Please tell me why he kept fang girl?
Anyway, he won't pick Emily because he has a serious thing for brunettes.

Can I still play the game or is it too late?

I love to regift! But only if the gift is good. I will NOT be regifting the handmade hat that Emma got for Christmas. I'll take a pic and let you see why.

I love the FA term. It totally sounds like a spanish word!

No starbucks? Who are you and where is my JK?

Anonymous said...

Shame on Starbucks! Me either! I am missing them terribly too.

Nothing wrong with regifting!