Friday Confessional


Oh, where do I start??

I have not even started on buying my Pinktastic Swap stuff.  I have thought about it, and I have a plan in my head.  No worries, Aubrey...I'll pull through for you.  Don't panic.

I took a Snow Day yesterday.  I was supposed to be helping Michael paint, but I didn't do much.  I kept telling people "WE" painted, but by "WE" I really meant "Michael"'s code.  I did paint most of the living room walls.  Just call me "Van Gogh".

I went on a GNO w/ Impulsive last Friday night and we made her new Pocket Momma (that I got her for her birthday) and my one-footed Pocket Edward do bad things.  Our waiter was trying to get us drunk.  He forced us both to order doubles...against our will. 

I left my debit card in the ATM machine last Friday morning.  I didn't even know about it until Sunday afternoon, when a mom of one of the kids in Isaiah's class called me and asked me if I had left it.  She had turned it into the bank and it had already been shredded, but at least some dishonest person didn't get their hands on it.  They could have ran up a large tab at Kum & Go.  I would just like to note this as a perk of living in a small town.

I have not been on my best blogging behavior lately.  There is a whole folder full of unreturned emails...comments awaiting replies and replies awaiting comment.  I am going to try to do better.  Swearsies.

I ate 1 1/2 donuts this morning.  My FA thanks the guys in drafting for their Friday donuts.  It would not be quite as substantial, if it weren't for those damn donuts.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday! *muah*

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21 comments...I love comments:

Stacie said...

The fact that you ate only 1 and a HALF doughnuts indicates willpower on your part. I could never leave that half alone, just mocking me there on the plate.

Anonymous said...

Just 1 and a half?? come on could you let that last half go to waste like that? ;)

Lisa said...

Aubrey is super lucky to be your swap partner :)

VandyJ said...

GNOs are necessary--even if the waiter tries to get you drunk. Glad you had fun.

Shawn said...

Lately there seems to be some sort of race between ID and Mimi to see who can comment first...I would just like to point out the obvious, I beat them both!

I hate when servers twist my arm and make me order another drink! Not only does the room spin when I get home but my shoulder hurts in the morning!

My hubby says "we" all of the time as in me and my friends that talk inside my head!

I have no self control, none, zero, nada! You're better than me I would have gone for the kill and eaten 2. Seriously, you stopped at 1 1/2?

brainella said...

Oh, my dear... Kum & Go. LOL. I still can't get over that place. :)

Donuts are good for the soul. Just sayin'... :)

MiMi said...

I'm amazed that someone sweet found your card!
I congratulate your ability to stop at one and a HALF. I would have had to eat the whole thing. And then 1 more. So 3.

Becca said...

Oh I so want to go on GNO with you sometime!!!!


Rachel Murphy said...

Glad you got your card back and nothing bad happened to it.

Impulsive Addict said...

GNO was awesome. I'm already looking forward to next month but we will NOT be going back to that place.

I can't believe you found somebody honest that turned your card in for you. That could have been a costly mistake. You probably shouldn't drink so much.

I lurve me some donuts. I love donut holes. I love apple fritters. I haven't had a donut in about a year. My mouth is watering.

Tell Shawn to shut it. My name is IA (not ID) and I don't know what competition she's talking about.

Vivienne said...

Kum & Go??!!?? Is that a drive thru porno rental? WTH with the spelling on that? gah! (Or is my mind totally in the gutter?)

Your confessions could be my confessions... 'cept I would never leave behind half a donut.

Mamarazzi said...

you seriously left behind 1/2 a donut? that is just wrong!

shame on you.

i have gone totally overboard on my swap package. IA did too though so it totally balances out, right?

i love to paint. probably way more than normal people do.

Kum & Go? skeeeeeeerd!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh goodness -Glad someone honest found your debit card! BTW All the comments on Kum and Go are cracking me up -It sure is a funny name and I think everyone has the same "gutter" thoughts when you 1st hear about it -But, I guess after awhile you get used to it =D

Vic said...

good golly- i would have eaten 10 lie! i can't believe you left ur atm card,...but glad the boogers didn't get it! xoxo have a lovely weekend! we all have been slacking in the blogging dept! haha

aubrey said...

Ha ha. Ummmm... I haven't started shopping either... no worries. It'll be fabulous I'm sure!

I love making "us" do stuff. "We" are going to paint one wall in my living room blue very soon.

I once dropped an envelope with a check and deposit slip in it at WalMart of all places and some one actually mailed it back to me. I sent her a thank you card.

Donuts are evil. Way to ONLY eat 1 1/2... I can't stop till I've hit three.

Sandra said...

That pinktastic swamp sounds like so much fun!
As for the donuts, now I'm totally craving 1 1/2!

Brandy@YDK said...

I hate when I do something dumb like the ATM thing. I have been so drunk that I left my card/tab going at the bar and not realized until the next morning

Alyssa: said...

Only 1 1/2, whenever I get donuts I eat AT LEAST two, usually, um, more. I'm wondering when my daily Venti Starbucks (and there's nothing "skinny" about my Starbuck's drink of choice) and my donuts are going to catch up with me. Oh wait, they already have.

And I love the pocket momma. Don't you dare go feeling okay about having sex! hee hee! ;)

Baloney said...

Pocket Momma had a date before Flat Baloney? Hmmph.

shortmama said...

Holy crap! You are so lucky your card was found by someone who knew you!

Jen said...

I'm with everyone left half?! How??? I'd have scarfed it down...every last crumb. Now I'm craving Krispy Kream... uh oh.