From Forks With Love

How sweet is Mimi?!

Let me tell you.  She is SA-WEET!

You all know her and love her, right?...I think we're all friends here.

In case you live under a rock don't know, I'm referring to Mimi from Living in France

When I first met Mimi, I actually thought due to the name of her blog that she lived in France. I remember over the first few weeks of reading her blog I was trying to decide if she was a native or transplanted due to her husband's job...she seemed to speak really good English. Of course, now I know that France is her last name.  I'm such a dork.

Question for Mimi:
Has anyone else ever thought that? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

She recently Visited in Forks. 

She posted about her adventures IN FORKS on her blog  (read those posts HERE and HERE) and while she was in the Land of Edward, she bought me some stuff! Isn't that the nicest thing?!  Sweet, right?  I told you!

Excuse the dork in the pictures.

THANK YOU, Mimi!!! I absolutely LOVE my stuff from Forks!! I'll be drinking my Cullen English Breakfast tea this afternoon...I know it says "breakfast", but I'm a rebel like that.

Oh, and you totally had me pegged with what you wrote on the front of the envelope:
"Jennykate, married with children and in love with vampires."

You know me so well! =)

Maybe that should be my tagline on my blog?

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!

12 comments...I love comments:

Shawn said...

I think that's a great tag line for your blog! It would be a win, win for you and the designer!

She's so thoughtful, I love my bloggy friends!

shortmama said...

What great stuff!! That should DEFINITELY be your blog tagline!

Vic said...

thats so sweet....i love your new layout too...just taking some me time right now...i'll post later when i feel like it. i've been looking for some new great blogs to read....haven't met her yet...better get with it huh:) have a nice week lovely!

MiMi said...

Yep, now you need to change your tagline! : )
I am so glad you like it all! Those pictures look really cool all black and white with that red apple.
Um. No, you aren't the only one to think I lived in France. LOTS of people thought that.

Vivienne said...

I think that tag line will work. (It only took me a day or two to figure out the France thing....)

Connie W said...

I've just become familiar with Mimi... and I love her!!

What a thoughtful friend!

Dawn said...

Wow!! What a super sweet and thoughtful thing to do. But, then again, you are super sweet and thoughtful as well. What comes around goes around. =)

Darlene said...

How fun to get some gifts from Forks. Lexi and I think it would be a fun trip to go and see the Forks area. ♥

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

That is the sweetest! And yes, I think you need to change your tagline ;)

Anonymous said...

Mimi is awesome. Love you both!

Fresh Mommy said...

OMG! Forks, no way! How cool is that! And I would have thought the same thing about her blog name... in fact when you first introduced her, before the explanation, that's what I thought!


Jen said...

You are a lucky, lucky lady! I was SO envious of her trip to Forks! lol!

LOVE the blog makeover, btw - very very nice!