8 Questions

Shawn from Seriously tagged me to answer the following 8 questions, tag 8 friends, and have them answer 8 new questions.  

Thanks, Shawn!  This should be fun!

1. If you could go to one place, all expenses paid, where would you go?

Europe, but I wouldn't want to be held down to a specific locale.  I would just like to be able to go where the wind takes me...or train.  I've always wanted to visit my foreign exchange student from high school.  She's from Alsace, France.  

That would be a good start!

2. Do you coupon? {I have friends that save a ton and I just can't figure it out} If you do what are your secrets?

I like coupons.  I like saving money.  But I'm not faithful to it.  I usually buy the paper and clip the coupons...and forget them when I go to the store.  I do love watching the 918 Coupon Queen on Channel 6 every morning.  Her savings fascinate me.  

I have good intentions, but no follow through.

3. If you had one thing to do over what would it be and why?

I would have traveled more before I got married and had Isaiah.  It's so much harder to do when you have responsibilities and a family to care for.  I wouldn't change anything about my life, but I definitely would have taken advantage of more opportunities.

4. Are you an organized clean freak or a less than tidy "tomorrows another day, it can wait" kind of girl? What does your house look like right now?

OH my geez.  I wish she hadn't asked me this question.  The embarrassing truth is that at this very moment my house is a hot mess.  It's been a crazy month.  We went from vacation, to my Grandpa being really sick, to him passing and his funeral, to family galore, to back-to-school, and sports starting.  I have had ZERO time to clean and organize.  So, I'm usually a semi-organized-clean-freak-kinda-girl.  I say "semi", because I'm not nearly as clean freakish as I was prior to becoming a mom.  I realize now that it's OK for your house to appear lived in.  I prefer spotless and organized, but I'll accept pretty clean and picked-up.

No pics.  Sorry.  My house is only photographed when clean.

5. Toilet paper...Over or Under ? And, are you compulsive enough to change it somewhere else {I am}?

Over.  It's the only way and yes, I'll switch it, if given the chance.

6. You're talking to a group of people and someone has something in their teeth or their nose. Do you tell them, ignore it or excessively rub your tongue over your teeth or run your finger under your nose until they get the hint?

I'll politely and inconspicuously tell them.  
"You've got something right there..."
I would want them to do the same!

7. You're out and about and you see a friends husband with another women. What do you do? Address him on the spot, call him the next day and give him an ultimatum or tell your friend?

Straight to the friend.  Especially if it's a close/best friend.  You better believe he's getting ratted out.  Again, I would expect the same in return.

8. What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten? What was it and who gave it to you?

"This too shall pass" ~ My Granny

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My Questions are:
1. What are you most looking forward to about fall?
2. What are some current things on your to-do list?
3. Do you go to Starbucks?  If so, what's your favorite drink?
4. What is your favorite book right now?
5. What was your favorite movie from the summer?
6. Do you take pictures?  If so, what kind of camera do you use (even if it is your camera on your phone)?  Show us your recent favorite pic!
7. Who is your favorite celebrity?
8. Why did you originally start your blog?

11 comments...I love comments:

Kelli said...

I love these because it is so much fun to read about people. And yes, always over!!

Connie W said...

I would love to go to France with you!

I once went up to a woman at the grocery store on a Sunday because her jacket was miss buttoned. It was like the top to her dress and had giant buttons...hard to miss that it was misbuttoned.

She was so thankful that I'd told her and she had just returned from CHURCH where NO ONE told her.

Vic said...

i'd love to escape for a moment! get out of the usa and relax on a nice quiet trip:) i'm a cheap shopper but rarely ever use coupons..i need to start...then maybe i'll be an even cheaper cheap cheap!

have a lovely weekend

Carrie said...

love this thanks for the tag!


Darlene said...

I loved reading your 8 answers! Enjoy your weekend.♥

Shawn said...

I love your answers. I too will and have changed the toilet paper to it's correct position OVER!

Great questions your passing on. Thanks for playing along!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Fun! I agree a trip to Europe would be nice -also definitely OVER for the TP ;) Well, guess I better get to work on my post...

brainella said...

I've learned to embrace the clutter. :) I'd be miserable otherwise...

How about we leave our families here and have an all-girl European vacation?

shortmama said...

This too shall that advice!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading these questions and answers! I'd love to go back to Europe. I've been to France & Switzerland. I'd like to go to Germany & England! Maybe someday!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Hi doll! I went to Europe when I was 16, and I don't think I appreciated it enough then. I'd love to go back. You're right, though, it's a little more difficult to up and go when you have little ones. Jeremy and I are finding that we can't even really pick out paint samples without a catastrophe {usually involving Kam, lol!}. Oh coupons . . . I have the best intentions too. I just usually forget them at home!