Friday Confession

  • What is the limit on how many times you can wash ONE load of clothes?  I mean, will the clothes eventually just fall apart in the washer?  I have seriously had to was the SAME load of clothes like 5 times!  It is so hot and if I don't put a freshly washed load of clothes directly into the dryer, they stink!  Plus, I get side tracked and let them sit to long...and by "side tracked" I mean watch too much Big Brother.
  • I LOVE iCarly.  Shoosh, I'll sit for hours, even when Isaiah isn't around, and I'll watch episode after episode.  If I was 14, Freddy would be my boy crush.  I want Spencer to be my big brother and Sam to be my BFF, so in essence, I want to change my name to Carly.  Is her bedroom not rockin' awesome?! Anybody else an iCarly fan?  Do you watch Nick/Nick Jr./Disney when your kids aren't around?
  • I'm doing the "D" word.  NOT THAT "D" word...I'm d-i-*-t-i-n-g.  I usually don't like to call it that...I usually refer to these dietary changes as "lifestyle" changes, but this is seriously a....well, the word I referred to previously.  The ladies at my work (including my mom) have started this new program and I've been peer pressured into not eating pasta!  It's my favorite food group!!  No pasta, no rice, no bread, no sugar, no starch period.  NO STARBUCKS!  *GASP*  Well, I can have BLACK coffee...just no milk, which makes Starbucks not as appealing.  I can handle the no sugar.  I don't have to have my coffee sweet, but MILK, I have to have milk.  It's like coffee's perfect companion.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm praying all this sacrifice pays off.
  • Headed to Indiana this morning.  Feeling a little rushed.  Last weekend I thought the trip for Isaiah and I was off and that only Michael was going.  Soooo, I had to get everything together quickly.  I prefer to have more notice, but I'm pretty sure that whatever didn't get done will still be here when I get back.  Unless, laundry grows legs and walks away.  I'll be sure to blog about THAT if it happens.
I've got the laptop with me, so maybe I'll have time to catch up on some blog reading and commenting while I'm gone.  Hope you guys have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!  ♥

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    Stacie said...

    I have soooo been there on the laundry thing--I think I'd rather have someone who just did my laundry than a maid to clean the whole house!

    Life with Kaishon said...

    Our laundry doesnt smell if it stays in the washer over night. thank goodness. i neeeeeeeeed a diet so badly. good for you jenny kate. have afun trip.

    Kelli said...

    I hate when I forget the laundry in the washer. So glad you get to go on your trip, even if it is a little rushed.

    Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

    Yay for a trip! Hope you have a GREAT time!! And then I'm going to need a house update from you ;) Ours is still goin'. It's slowing down a bit now that the framing is done. said...

    have a wonderful trip! safe travels :)

    The wash problem...oh, what a thorn! I hate that problem and have been through it so much. The waste of energy...water...wear and tear to the clothes is maddening!

    Good luck with the di-t... I am still down 25...but how good I would feel -20 more. I wish you well.

    (Oh, and thanks for voting for Rachel. Sadly, she did not win, but her sweet sis will host a lovely wedding for her in her yard later in the year.)

    Baloney said...

    I am a recent iCarly convert. Love it!
    I've been rewashing a lot of loads of laundry myself. Such a waste.

    Baloney said...

    I am a recent iCarly convert. Love it!
    I've been rewashing a lot of loads of laundry myself. Such a waste.

    Mom Mayhem says: said...

    We have iCarly on right now! - I also have the new episode set to record in case we don't catch it all -they're supposed to show how you can win the same stuff in her room or something. Oh and Freddy would totally be my boy crush too -But, I think mostly cause he kinda reminds me of my husband in boy form that is ;) Well, have a fun trip!

    brainella said...

    No Starbucks? NO STARBUCKS? What will I do without my Starbucks soul sister? :)

    Fresh Mommy said...

    Hahaha, I just washed a load like 3 times!! And I'm still hoping I got all the smell out :)

    And no Starbucks??? What about soy milk... I always get my Starbucks with soy. Maybe that is ok, it's not dairy. :)


    Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

    I add some baking soda in if I forget a load, then rewash. Takes that "funk" away instantly.

    You are cute-as-a-button, JK, eat what you want! XO!!

    ShaRhonda said...

    I also heard vinegar will help w/ the wash. I swear sometimes there are just some towels that just never smell "fresh"!!! I'm gonna try it! Glad you are finally getting away!!

    6HappyHearts said...

    Thanks for keeping it real girl!
    I am re-washing a load right now LOL!
    Enjoy your vacay, can't wait to see the pics!

    Anonymous said...

    Good luck with that "lifestyle" change. No Starbucks....are you sure? That's crazy!

    I hope you guys have a fun trip!

    ~The Robin's Nest~ said...

    No STARBUCKS? I'm sorry, my mind can't comprehind!

    Dieting is one thing, no Starbucks is a whole other thing! Egad!

    Me :)

    Impulsive Addict said...

    OMG Jenny! You will FAIL at this you-know-what if you can't have STARBUCKS! What did you commit yourself to?

    Oh how I've missed your Friday Confessions.

    Okay...but seriously....I don't know anything about iCarly but we can do some serious talking about BB. I think I want to have Hayden's baby and if I ever see Britney on the street, I will punch her in the face. If I meet Rachael, I will politely ask her to shut up and if I see Matt hangin' around town, I'll kick him in the balls for being a d-bag. Kathy makes me want to kill myself but Mr. Gay Guy makes me laugh uncontrollably. This is the best season yet. BRING ON MORE CAT FIGHTS!!!!