McLinky Monday - Favorite Vacay

The ladies at the RHOK want to know what is my favorite vacay...good question.

Right now, my answer would be anything that gets me away from reality for a few days.   

It seems as though all of my summer plans have one-by-one went down. the. drain.  

Rewind back to March, I had plans of going to meet Trisha, Michelle, and Marie in San Diego for 4 days.  We were going to Comic Con to see the Trifecta for a day and then shop, chat, eat, catch some rays...all the things our hearts desired sans children, husbands, and jobs.  Fast forward to a couple of months ago, stupid Summitt decided not to have the Trifecta at CC and needless to say, our trip was cancelled. (Summitt, I didn't really want to say that you are stupid, but you made me.  No hard feelings.)  

Up until a month ago, we had plans to take a family vacay to Indiana.  
I know you're jealous.  
You've ALWAYS wanted to go there, right?  
Well, it was to see my hubby's grandma for her 93rd birthday.  
You feel bad now for making fun, huh?  
We do this trip every couple of years and we always make it fun.  Last time, we went to Indianapolis and checked out the downtown Children's Museum, had some fun in St. Louis on our way home, and caught a Cubbies vs Cards game.  This year, we had plans of visiting Chicago and going to Wrigley.  You guys know that ALL of our family summer vacations revolve around where the Cubbies are playing, right?  
No tropical destinations for this chic.  

Yeah,  you read that right...we only go places that the Cubs play.
Exhibit A
Poor kid was exhausted.

Exhibit B

Fast forward to now, due to some unforeseen circumstances, only hubby is going to Indiana.  Soooo, I was going to have like 8 days off of work between last week and next week, but not anymore.  Guess I'll just have to make the best of it.  Maybe that means I'll get to take an amazing vacation sometime in the near future.  Oh, and at least I'll have some extra days saved up for my next Twilight adventure!! :)

What is your favorite way to vacay?


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Connie W said...

Bummer that your plans fell through!

I loved my trip to San Francisco!

Kelli said...

Oh no! I hope you get your must-needed vacation very soon! We love Destin and would go all the time if we could. But I also love a good staycation...we did that last year.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Oh no! That's not cool! So sorry. Hopefully somehow, someone will be making this up to you! ♥Mrs. Hart

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Pretty much lately all our vacations are just visiting with family -Not even getting out of state. Hope someday some real vacation plans work out- For both of us!

♥Georgie♥ said...

did you just say Comic Con? That is all i have heard about since friday as a matter of fact our TV has been tuned constantly to the coverage on G4 channel LOL OHhhh the guys in my that would be their dream vacation!

I so hope you get a nice vacation soon!

MiMi said...

Ya know, it's been so long since we had any vacation not involving family visits (which really doesn't count as a vacay, now, does it?) that I don't remember what it's like. :(

Jen said...

Boo :( Sorry your plans fell through! Maybe you should use some of those days to come with 'us' to wherever the Water for Elephants premier is!

Jen @ said...

That's too bad, but maybe you can do something even better later :) We are having a great vacay right now. Although, I am getting ready to be back in my own bed soon!


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I hate it when my plans fall through :( Especially when it comes to vacationing. Our last real vacation was two and a half years ago in Disneyland. We are so ready for another vacay!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you aren't going to be able to go! Bryan and I are taking our first vacation in 6 years this year. We can't wait!