JennyKate's Eclipse Party Plans - Part 2

Less than 9 days'til par-tay time!  Yeah, that's right, I just spelled party "par-TAY".  That's just a little way for me to express how excited I am about this little shindig happening in LESS 9 DAYS...we're not even speaking in week terms anymore people!!!

Let's pick up where we left off last week, shall we?

FOOD.  The food can really be a fun way to keep your theme alive and draw your guests in to your party fantasy.  We decided on serving hot dogs.  It's not the most gourmet thing to serve, but it falls right into the "Fire" part of our theme...Bella eats hot dogs with Jacob at the bonfire...and Jacob is a HOTT dog...get it...HOTT dog.  LOL.  Ok, excuse my lame humor.  Anyhoo, we are having a hot dog bar in our "Fire" room.  We're serving Hebrew National Hot Dogs ('cause they're the best) and we're going to have all the different types of things to put on hot dogs...relish, chili, cheese, peppers, onions, sauerkraut, etc.  In our "Ice" room, we're going to set up our drink bar.  We're still working on having a shaved ice machine, but we know for sure that we are serving pomegranate martinis and Black Swan wine (Isn't that the most perfect name for a Twilight wine?!).  We had the Black Swan wine for our New Moon party and we loved it.  It's a good cheap wine.  For dessert, we are having some a custom Eclipse cake from a local cakery...chocolate with raspberry filling.  Other ideas for desserts are cupcakes with bite marks or claw marks, cookies with black icing and a red ribbon on the top, and Twizzlers/red vines are always good!

Our drink of choice - Oprah's pomegranate martini recipe (click for recipe)

SWAG BAGS.  I've always wanted to go to one of those big fancy celebrity events where the swag bags are worth thousands of dollars, so this is my way of living out my fantasy...on a much smaller scale of course. LOL.  Our bags for Eclipse are going to include:

  • *an embroidered tote bag with the Eclipse logo
  • *a handmade Bella bracelet
  • *a Fire and Ice bookmark
  • *a set of magnets
  • *a hand-picked CD w/ "hot" and "cold" songs
  • *Eclipse gum
  • *and possibly a copy of Wuthering Heights.
PARTY GAMES.  Every good party has them...don't be a fuddy-duddy...have some games!  I like to play games that allow my guest to continue to mingle, drink, eat...whatever.  So, we are going to play a quote game where our guests have to match up the quote to the person who said it.  Since the eyes are so important in the Twilight Saga, we're also going to play a match game with pictures of eyes...matching the eye to the character.  For New Moon, we played a pin the kiss on Edward and Jacob game.  It was a hit and so much fun!  We're going to do a new modified version of Pin the Kiss.  We are also going to play "What's In Your Future".  It's a numerology game...I think it's brings in a touch of Alice...I love Alice!

One of my favorite places to get awesome printable games is Twimom on Etsy.  She has a whole PDF file that is instantly yours for the small price of $8!  In the PDF file you will find party ideas, printable games, printable labels, printable invitations...possibilities are endless!
(Click HERE to go to Twimom's Etsy store)

You MUST have some prizes, even if it's a candy bar or bookmark.  Here's some ideas for you...things we're giving as prizes:

  • *a Bree Tanner book
  • *Eclipse cups 
  • *Eclipse stickers 
  • *Eclipse magnets
  • *Eclipse posters
A few extra ideas to make your party OFF THE HOOK:

  • *play the Eclipse soundtrack for background music
  • *set up a TV and play Twilight and New Moon prior to viewing Eclipse
  • *get the new Eclipse board game and set it up for guests to play
  • *have some trivia questions on hand for any down time
  • *set up a photo op spot 
  • *roll out a red carpet for your guests
  • *have a fortune teller
  • *twinkle lights
  • *print out quotes from the book and frame them and set them around the room - my favorite   place to find FABULOUS printable quotes is The Hostess With The Mostess Blog - she has just announced that her Eclipse printables are coming soon!! Update:  THEY'RE posted and they are FABULOUS!!! Thank you, Hostess with the read my mind!  (click HERE to go to her blog)
If you have any questions for me, just e-mail me at!

Thanks again to Trixie and Tess for letting me take over the blog!!  I can't wait to share Eclipse Party Pics!


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Life with Kaishon said...

You are like the MOST FABULOUS party planner ever in America!

Becca said...

Um, I seem to have not received my invite yet? Must have gotten lost in the mail?????

Sounds like SOOOO Much fun! Hope it is a blast!


Darlene said...

The party is going to be a BLAST! You are a great party planner!

shortmama said...

Wow what an amazing party its going to be!

MiMi said...

Lots of pictures. I want LOTS of pictures.
Also. You should do this for a living.

Vic said...

Your Fabulous....just fab!!:) Enjoy!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh my goodness-Sounds awesome! I think I might be like the other person and my invite got lost in the mail ;) But, seriously sounds like some par-tay. Oh and a few weeks ago I saw some Wuthering Heights and other books in Target's dollar spot -they were like $2 each and that was a few weeks ago -they may not have them now ??

star said...

I cant wait to see how your party turns out, I wish I lived near you so I get you to invite me! The Eclipse printables are on the Hosstess blog already, they are fabulous! Love your blog too!

Xazmin said... kill me! LOVE it all!

Especially the "HOTT dog" ...totally cracked me up!

I'm sad to be missing your party. Um if I was closer you WOULD invite me, right?

Dolly said...

I saw your blog and thought I would let you know that I have made a TON of free party printables for Eclipse parties. I'm happy for anyone to use them as long as they are for personal use and not sold for a profit. Here is the link to my Eclipse party printables in my 4shared file...make sure you look in the party favor and quotes files too:

Connie Weiss said...

You guys are AWESOME!

Great plans!

Connie Weiss said...

You guys are AWESOME!

Great plans!

Dawn said...

I'm getting soooo excited!!

6HappyHearts said...

I heart you Jenny Kate! Your parties are the BOMB!!
You even decorate the bathrooms & provide Twi reading materials!
I can't wait!!!