Remember Me

Today, I have a couple of things to share that are near and dear to me....
  Rob Pattinson and donating money for cancer research.

I know you're scratching your head and thinking this poor twi-girl has gone off the deep end.  

What could Rob and cancer research possibly have in common? 

Well, I'll tell you.

Today is the DVD release of Remember Me.  You remember the movie with His Hottness and Emilie de Ravin.

Hello!  Back over here!  I know that is totally distracting, but I'm getting to the good part.

There is an $8 off coupon for Remember Me 
(CLICK HERE FOR COUPON)and it has been suggested that we should all take the $8 we save and donate it to Fandom Gives Back (FGB).
The money supports Alex's Lemonade Stand and helps find a cure for childhood cancers.  It's a worthy cause to support.  So, please consider giving what you can!

Thanks a million! - JennyKate♥

3 comments...I love comments:

Darlene said...

That is a GREAT cause. A girl in our town just did an Alex's Lemonade stand the other weekend.

MiMi said...

What a great idea!!

Jen said...

That is a FABULOUS idea :) Thanks for spreading the word!