Saturday Snapshots

Here's a few snapshots I took over Labor Day Weekend...just wanted to share. :)

One of the new kittens at Grammy and Papaw's

Grammy and Papaw's dog, Meesha

Ol' Glory

Isaiah and my favorite new kitten...I want to take her home, but my BIG black dog wouldn't like her much.

A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Maybe a fairy lives under there?
Country living

An almost full moon

Hope everyone is have a splendid Saturday!

9 comments...I love comments:

L said...

Morning, is so awesome i had to tell you again... xo

brainella said...

Lovely pictures. I really like the trees with the sun shining through. :)

Lynn said...

Very nice photography!
Don't you just love the blue of kittens eyes?

Liz said...

Great pictures! Those are some cute kittens!

Vivienne said...

What great pix! I fairy absolutely lives under that mushroom!

~Billie~ said...

Aww! I want kittens! Such great photos. Love the background too! I watched the new trailer last night and am so excited!
As for your shows... I don't think I watch any of those. LOL!

msprimadonna67 said...

That first picture, especially, is beautiful!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE the kitties. SO cute and adorable! And how sweet with your baby holding that tiny black one. Oh my gosh so adorable! I love Grandmas so much.

Kado! said...

AWESOME photos!!!...Love the little kittens...I wish they would stay that small....the big ones are OK too....;)