Friday Confessions

As I was going through and reading some of your fabulous blogs. (I am still so behind.) I noticed that I confess a lot of things in my comments to you on your page. It's like you just pull it out of me. Rebeckah at Life with Kaishon is so good at posing questions that really get you to thinking. Like the other day her post was about some of her beautiful friends. She talked about how she's always had pretty friends. Then she asked if we had "pretty friends" and if we thought our friend were prettier than us. LOL. Great question, huh? Rebeckah is such an open and inviting person. It makes it so easy to just spill your guts to her. Here are a few of the things that I have confessed to Rebeckah this week that I thought I would share with you.

  • On Tuesday, Rebeckah and I had a conversation via e-mail about the ashy-white-unshaven legs that I talked about in my FCs from last Friday. She said that she thought we should just quit work and start tanning. My confession to her was that I CAN'T tan. Seriously. Not at all. I'm the whitest white girl you have ever met. You need shades to look at my legs. When I try to tan, I just burn and peel and burn and peel. I do have freckles and there is a period during the summer that these freckles multiply and when close enough together resemble a tan...that's as close as I can get. I asked her if she thought we could rent a tanning bed for a nap.

  • Yesterday is when I read the post on Rebeckah's page about "pretty friends". She said that she's always had friends that are prettier than she is. (Whatever, Rebeckah! You're beautiful.) She then asked us to be honest and tell her if we thought our friends were prettier than us. So, in my most honest-to-goodness words I told her...

and I quote...

"I'm sooo prettier than ALL my friends...and I LIE...a LOT. Whatever! My friends are all kick butt gorgeous (that's better than just being gorgeous...'kick butt' adds a whole new spectrum of gorgeous) and WAY prettier than me. I've never thought of myself as "pretty" and definitely not "gorgeous" way in heck could I ever be categorized as "exotic" (that makes me laugh just to write it) or "sexy" (I don't have any of the right parts for that)...cute, maybe.

Have you ever thought about this before?

  • This isn't something I confessed to Rebeckah, but it's something that is WEIGHING on my mind. I'm pretty sure my boobs are starting to sag. I asked Michael, but he just gave me a "you-are-so-weird-why-did-you-just-ask-me-that" kind of look. I think he even asked me if that is a bad thing. (Uh, yeah. Hello.) There was a Playtex commercial on the other night while we were watching American Idol and it portrayed all of these different women and their complaints about their boobs and basically how Playtex bras were miracle workers. So, it really got me thinking that maybe my boobs are sagging too. I mean I did find a few grey hairs recently and I think I'm possibly getting some of those "laugh lines" and "crows feet" that my mom and granny have always talked about. I'm pretty sure that sagging boobs goes right along with all that stuff. I have done some evaluating and it's hard to say. Since I'm totally opposed to any type of voluntary cosmetic surgery, I guess I'm going to buy me a Playtex bra, or maybe I can hope that the time machine Isaiah has been working on gets up and running.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Vivienne said...

You are hysterical! First: DO NOT TAN YOUR SKIN. Even if you were able to (which apparently you are not) I guarantee you there is nothing sexy about skin cancer or leathery alligator skin. 2 words for you: Mystic Tan.

Yes Jenny Kate. Boobs sag. We love our children, but literally those little angels suck the life and perkiness right on out of our boobies.

I have a friend who took her daughter with her into a dressing room at a store. "Mommy, when I grow up am I going to have long boobs like you?" Of course it was loud enough for everyone else in the dressing room to hear.

Gravity? I hate you.

Rhonda said...

I'm laughing so hard I have to pick my DDD up off the floor!

Darlene said...

Oh girl I am just cracking up at this post today!!

I hope you and your white legs and saggy boobs have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!...ROFLOL

~Billie~ said...

Hilarious!!! You are gorgeous, woman! Don't ever think otherwise. =P
I'm like you... I freckle like crazy, but I DO NOT tan. I wish I could, but it just doesn't happen. People say I should just stay out in the sun till I'm one big freckle. LOL!

brainella said...

You are insane, lady. Go get some Starbucks! :-) This is so funny. Thanks for perking up my afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad...I don't tan either. I burn so bad and am usually miserable. So I stay out of the sun unless I have a ton of sunscreen on.

I can't help you on the boobs. I am still trying to grown some... LOL!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL those are GREAT!!!! :)
i love ur blog layout its really pretty!

Julie said...

Loved the post...I can't quit laughing at the Sagging Boobs! Hugs...Julie

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Oh my gosh, this is HILARIOUS! I bet I could beat you in a white leg contest! I am so thankful for spray-on tan, because it is, seriously, the only tan I will ever get. Regardless that I get orange palms with it... And regarding the boobs, I have a 7 year old, and she thinks my boobs are huge! She doesn't know that any boobs compared to a 7 year old are huge. Honestly, they are not big enough to sag. (isn't that sad?)

Have a great Friday!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are hilarious with the saggy boob worries. I totally have those questions too! Not sure if a bra will help me after I am done nursing my second kid...but I have to hope!

Xazmin said... are already hilarious, add Vivienne commenting on your posts, and the 2 of you have me rolling with laughter!

So my boobs soooo sag. They were already huge, now after 4 kids who I nursed for their 1st year, they are reachin' for the floor!

Anyway...look on the bright side, at least you didn't find gray hairs on your saggy boobs!

Impulsive Addict said...

OH you make me laugh! Only you would bring up saggy boobs. It's not just a problem for girls with lil childrens. I don't have any and I still have saggy boobs. Maybe one day I'll have a little lift. In the meantime, I'm not opposed to Botox (which Jenn Farmer will perform on me soon) to take away any wrinkles that I may or may not have on my freckled face. I will not grow old way Jose! I'm gonna fight it all the way!

P.S. My hair dresser found 3 gray hairs last month. I cried and then drowned my sorrows in alcohol! lol said...

okay, I don't tan either!!!!

Let's have a white leg and saggy boob contest! HA! LOL!!!!

Katie said...

You are really funny, seriously.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are SO so SO funny : ). You always make me smile.

So boobs. Well, Mine are ridiculously saggy for being so small. I don't get it! When all my PRETTY friends had PERFECTLY PERKY boobs mine were already saggy and tiny. I think that is because I am NOT SKINNY!

When I ask Gary about my boobs he says "I hope we have money some day so you can get bigger ones." Oh yes he did. Apparently big boobs delight him.

Whatever. : ).

My legs are still WHITE as SNOW, but I did shave : ). Oh, yes, I did : )

Happy Saturday Wonderful, funny, delightful Jenny Kate : )

Tanielle said...

OH my Heck!!! I am laughing sooo hard! Stupid boobs, why must they tuck into my pj pants at night!? Love this post! Have a great night!

Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha. Well hope you stay safe from the sun this summer!! I definitely have some gorgeous friends, really gorgeous, ugh, don't we all :)

My boobs are definitely saggy.. now after baby, it's a major difference. Now I'm just grateful for a husband that loves me no matter what!


AndreaLeigh said...

my boobs started sagging long ago. they's close friends with my belly button now. :)

wear a bra! even when sleeping, wear a bra. seriously. once they go down there is no getting them back up.

Jen said...

Jenny Kate I loved your post and all the comments along with it! Just know that we're all right there with you, saggy boobs (big or small), gray hair and all. Personally, Victoria's Secret bras are miracle workers, and Sally Beauty Supply is my hair's new best friend! And you will LOVE your pale, unlined skin later on - don't tan!