Twas The Night Before Christmas Eve...Eve...Eve...

all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

Ok, wait a minute, there was one little creature stirring and his name happened to be Isaiah. It was approximately 12:09 early this morning. I was startled and awoken by my husband throwing back the covers to see what was the matter!

Here's how the next 10 minutes or so played out...

Let me set the scene. I'm all snug in my bed with visions of "eye candy" dancing in my head. I'm all warm and cozy in my flannel sheets and down comforter and sherpa blanket. Not a care in the world.


Michael: What in the world is he doing? (he being Isaiah)

Me: I have no idea Michael!!! What ARE you talking about?

(I'm trying to clear my head from my sleeping state and adjust my eyes to the pale light from Michael's iPhone he was using as a flash light. Apparently, he was still awake laying in bed watching videos from YouTube)

Michael: What is he doing?
Michael(again): Isaiah, what are you doing?

Isaiah looks with a glazed expression.

Isaiah: Oooohh, green light (pointing over to the other side of the room...Michael's iPhone.)!

About that time, I look over to see Isaiah standing at my side of the bed...PEEING!!!!!!! Yes, I said PEEING! Michael is flipping out! He runs over and flips on the light.

Me: Michael, calm down. He's sleep walking.
Michael: Calm down? Sleep walking? What are you talking about.
Me: He did the same thing on YOUR side of the bed a couple of weeks ago.

(I'm remembering now that I failed to tell him about that.)

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to Isaiah standing over on Michael's side of the bed, facing the wall and peeing. I freak out, of course. "Isaiah, WHAT are you doing???" He blankly stared at me and it hit me that he was sleep walking. I calmly (like any good mother would do) walked him back to his bed. Cleaned up the pee off the carpet from Michael's side of the bed (like any good wife would do), put a towel over the pee spot...and went back to bed. Failing to ever tell Michael about Isaiah's new found talent for sleep walking.)

Michael: He PEED on my side of the bed??? Why did I not know this??
Me: SORRY (in my 7th grade know smarty pants-ish)! I totally forgot to tell you. Relax. It'll be ok. Let's just go back to sleep.
Michael: (freaking out...again) IF YOU'RE SLEEPING IN A BED WITH PEE, then I'm sleeping down stairs!!!!
Me: FINE. Go get the clean sheets! (forgetting that I just stripped the bed two days ago and haven't washed the sheets or comforter!)
Michael: (yelling from downstairs) THERE's ONLY ONE FITTED SHEET.
Me: (rolling my eyes) Well, that'll just have to do. (As I lay down on the bare mattress...the pee soaked through the sherpa blanket, down comforter, flannel sheets, mattress pad...and leaked onto my favorite pillow!, I had to strip the whole bed!!!)

Covering up with my measly quilt, with no flat sheet...laying there, I'm thinking "OK, how did this happen?" Ten minutes ago I was snug in my bed, feeling warm and toasty, dreaming of Edward. Now, I'm laying on a cold sheet with a towel underneath it to keep the pee from leaking through the sheet. NO mattress pad. NO down comforter. NO fuzzy sherpa blanket on top. NO favorite pillow. I CAN't go back to sleep, so NO dreams of Edward. Michael chuckles. "Good night☺" He's now making fun. I'm the one sleeping on the pee-pee side of the bed. Mom's should get Hazard Pay.


Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

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The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

okay I have to say i'm confused...did he crawl in your bed and pee...he's a little guy how did he pee in your bed...??? ...Omg... that is so sucky,,, We have this neat thing we got from the company we bought our mattress from that is soft really soft like a sheet but it repells water,,,thank god because Maddie was sleeping with me after the night of the prednisone nightmare, she has never I mean never peed the bed in my bed but she did that night and here is the funny thing at first I thought it was me..well I almosted came close to death the night before and everything was going wrong so now I figured my organs were shutting down too..I was freaking till I realized I was only covered in pea on my side and back where she was laying and she was soaked in it..thank goodness not me...LOL.. but we had to wash everything at 2am and pull out all the old sheets and blankets not fun...not warm no cozy... But at least it was me...and the Mattress was as dry and still brand new as ever..LOL.. and I was heading back to normal...Love YOU...bunches...Lisa

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh my gosh, that is terrible and funny all at once. Probably not in the middle of the night! I hope you have many non-pee nights ahead of you!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

that should say at least it wasn't me...LOL.. I should proof

brainella said...

LOL. Holy cow, that cracked me up. You are so very right about hazard pay. I was up for 2.5 hours last night with Dominic because he had a bad dream and would NOT go back to sleep.

And yes, Starbucks is a vital part of my day today.

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh..Jenny...that is no bueno! You could look at the bright side of things...oh wait..having a hard time thinking of something "bright" to say. Scratch that. Let's hope that this is only one of those phase things that kids are supposed to go through. If it's not, maybe you should consider an umbrella (cheap) or a urinal (more expensive) next to each side of the bed. That's all I got for ya...sorry! Good luck to you on staying dry and warm in the coming nights! =)

Kristy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Good luck on winning Saturday's Spotlight!
I'm so excited about my first giveaway!
Have a Great Christmas SITSta!

Life with Kaishon said...

This is SO funny! I laughed my head off. And then I felt sorry for you, of course : )... But glad that your husband eventually came back and gave you a nice midnight snuggle, right?

Merry Christmas, Jenny Kate!

feather k said...

ha...see i miss things like this being single and all...and missing things like this is ok :)...Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you too!

Traci said...

ba haaaaa.....I just about peed I was laughing so hard.....just don't tell haaaaa

Christy said...

I have never had that one happen...poor thing he didnt have a clue, my brother used to do things like that, he almost peed in my moms purse, but she caught him in time...LOL We still tease him about that one!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Liz said...

This was an absolute scream! Too funny!

Merry Christmas!

Tabitha Blue said...

OMG, that is too funny, I'm so sorry for you and your missed dreams... I would be upset.... but I can't help but laugh. Thanks for sharing. And mom's should definitely get hazard pay!!!


Shelly said...

Once again I am totally laughing my head off. So is my husband cause he was standing behind me reading your post. He laughed really hard. Hope you had a good xmas.

Anonymous said...

when your Auntbea quit laughing she said it was a family thing, the slepwalking

melissa said...

hey lovie!!! I love this was even better hearing you tell me about it yourself!! I miss you...sorry i have not been to the blogging world in so long...i miss it...and you!! At least we have the phone!! Love u to pieces!