Show and Tell Sunday

Lisa over at the Pumpkin Pink Cottage does Show and Tell Sunday. I decided to join in this week because I have a few things I wanted to show and tell about☺

Here's a pic of me and my new you like?

(I just deleted two close-up pictures because I realized just HOW bad my eyebrows look. They need waxed in the worst way....see, now you're going back up and looking at my other pic, right? It's not quite so evident in the above pictures, but it was all you could see in the one's I deleted. I'll have to save a close-up for after my eyebrows get waxed.)

Here's my what I won from Lisa's Twilight Giveaway! (don't be fooled, there is no chocolate left in the Godiva's all gone)

Here's my cute Christmas slippers that I bought at Target! I love 'em!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

P.S. I'm in Kansas City at the Big 12 Championship☺ Boomer Sooner!

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AndreaLeigh said...

I didn't know you won that Twilight giveaway! You must have been so excited!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I love them... ALL.. I need new glasses so bad..I need to see an eye doctor..
I love the slippers,,, they are so elfie...
Love you bunches...Lisa
P.S. you are so cute, I love the photo... I tweeze my brows... someday I will wax..I'm not sure which is worse, have you heard of strings.. I seen it all the mall yesterday, they use strings to do your brows. pretty interesting..L

Katie said...

Love the glasses, I need to get some. My nearsideness is getting worse. Those are super cute!!

melissa said...

the glasses look adorable on you!! I am lmbo because i totally almost bought those slippers ar target sat night!! I hope you had fun at the game...i was hoping it would have been a wee bit closer of a game for you! Those sooners...they are good...and there games are always blow outs!!

Love you so much! Im thinking you should call me on your way home from work we can catch up!! I love you

Drama queens mum said...

The new glasses look great. The socks are so cute.

Christy said...

I love the new glasses! I just got some too but my eye brows need to be tweezed more than yours so I'll wait on taking a pic with them! Love the socks too! They look way fun! I think I'm over doing the exclamation points! Hope you weren't too cold at the game. Are you booking tickets to Miami??

Katie said...

At Walmart they have wood shabped like a rectangle it is $1 I think by the crafts, where the letter are. Buy one of those spray paint it, cut out some scrap paper to fit it and glue it on with adhesive. Then pain your letter and hot glue it on. Then use a plate holder by the intial letter to set it up. It is all in the Walmart craft area and it is cheap. I really like them. Good Luck!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

The new glasses are great! Very flattering! And I love the Christmas striped socks!

~Billie~ said...

Great pictures!! The glasses look amazing!!