Friday Confessions

Wow, where do I start...hmmm.

Oh, ok, I just thought of a good place.

  1. Last Friday, remember, Black Friday...I was supposed to be at Starbucks by 3:oo AM...well, that didn't happen. See, I spent the night on Thanksgiving night with my mom and dad. My aunt stayed the night too. We thought we would be able to get up earlier and leave earlier. YEAH RIGHT! My mom hit the snooze button on her alarm clock for like 4 HOURS! Seriously, we woke up at a 6:45...I should have been standing in line at Target on my second cup of coffee by 6:45!!!! I was in panic mode. My mom and aunt were laughing hysterically at how upset I was that we overslept. It's Black Friday people! Only comes around once a year!! So, I guess my confession is that I woke up late on Black Friday, did not get hit my first store until 7:15 (pretty good for waking up at 6:45), and acted like a crazy woman in the process.
  2. I cleaned the downstairs of our house spic and span, but the upstairs was a different story. I threatened Isaiah within a inch of his life that he could NOT let ANYONE up those stairs. I think my exact words were "Do not ask anyone to come upstairs and play, do you understand Momma?" "Not Grammy or Papa or Uncle Thom...NO ONE!" I think his response was, "Ok, Momma" (while giving me this look like he was definitely going to rat me out later). So, what happens? A few hours after Grammy and Papa arrived, Grammy mentions that she's tired and Isaiah invites her right on upstairs. What did I do? Freak out of course! "No, no, no, no." "Remember, Isaiah?" "What did Momma say?" I finally had to fess up that upstairs looked like a tornado had hit and I would be totally mortified if ANYONE went up there. So, no one went upstairs, but EVERYONE knew that it was a mess.
  3. I found a new addiction at Starbucks...bad, bad, I needed another one. Espresso Truffle. I just have one word, YUMM-O!
  4. I've been eating out every day for lunch. I had promised myself that I would bring my lunch and I haven't been. Being off for Thanksgiving really threw me off. Now I know why we can't have 4 day weekends all the time...we would just be catching-up, taking off, catching-up, taking off...
  5. I bought the NKOTB (You know what that stands for, right?) Greatest Hits CD and I've been listening to it everyday in my car. I know every word to every song. It takes me back to 6th grade, french-rolled pants, banana clips, side pony tails, unit belts, and stone-washed jeans. It takes me back to a specific night in 1990 at Skelly Stadium here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was 12 and I was madly and deeply in "love" withJoey McIntyre(weren't we all). I remember crying at the concert...I think my mom threatened to make me leave if I didn't "straighten up" (yeah, she was sitting in the row behind me with 3 other mothers). We knew every word to ever song and had every piece of memorabilia you could think of...NKOTB Trapper Keepers, buttons, posters, trading cards, pencils, stickers, shoe laces, t-shirts, night gowns, name it. Besides Kirk Cameron, they were my first celebrity crush. You know you melted when you heard "Please Don't Go Girl".
  6. It's December 5th and I still don't have a Christmas tree up or lights on my house! What is wrong with me? That's totally un-american.
  7. I decided to make my own Christmas's December 5th...they're still not done. Maybe I should turn them into Happy New Year's cards?

Hope everyone has had a great week! Enjoy the weekend

8 comments...I love comments:

brainella said...

We're in the same boat, Jenny! Our decorations and tree are still nowhere to be found. I've made a total of NINE Christmas cards so far (I need about 30).

How good is the Espresso Truffle? Is it better than the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha?

melissa said...

omg...I loved Joey too! That was me and my sister's first concert! I can picture us waving our hands to "hangin tough"...oh lord! Okay...i am off to do my confessions! Love you so much!!

p.s. no tree??? whats wrong with you girl?

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hilarious! I couldn't even make it to Black Friday at you have the edge on me either way! :) Now I will have to go try the espresso truffle at Starbucks, though. THAT I could get out of bed for! :)

Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, love this week's confessions! I've had way to many times with the upstairs a mess and people over... worrying that no one decides to look around up there! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

I didn't know there was a NKOTB greatest hits! Where have I been???

renee said...

Okay, I read yours this morning and didn't have a chance to comment until now! So the entire day I've had NKOTB songs in my head!! Seriously! I can remember when I found out what "second kiss had a twist" meant! Those were the good ol days. Where the only worries were what 2 color of shirts were you going to wear together with rolled up sleeves, matching scrunchie and socks!! Awww, to be young and carefree!
Love you!!

Christy said... I went to see them in concert when I was 12 also (what girl didn't!) and again on October 19, 2008!!! It was the BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER BEEN TO!!!! I ♥ Joey too!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

BLACK FRIDAY here sucked..I wished I would have stayed home we didn't have any good sales, but I did get almost all my shopping done... strange thing I was never a NKOTB fan...weird hun,,,ive been a country girl my whole yep,,,Country when country wasn't love you bunches...