Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

*hanging head in shame*...I feel bad. I miss you guys. I think about blogging and commenting on my fav blogs EVERYDAY, but something happens through the day and I NEVER make it over here...I'm sorry. *pouty lip* I would promise that I'll do better, but I see the trend continuing until after vacation, which isn't until August 6th-12th. I feel so consumed w/ planning and getting work to a place where I can leave it for a week...and the to-do list at home grows daily! It's hard work to get ready for vacation. OH, and Isaiah starts to kindergarten the day after we get back. Oy! Pray for me. Seriously. I need it.

I swore to Amber on all things Coach and Twilight related that I would come do EM:MEs yesterday...did I? NO! ugh. I'm sucha loser...a blogger loser. Not only did I let Amber down, but I let two of my favorite things down as well...Coach and Twilight. Come on, what kind of person am I? No, don't answer that. I'm drowning my sorrows in a cup of coffee and a package of 100 calorie Milano cookies as I type. don't look at me like that. Speaking of Amber, she could really use some love right now, so if you have a second, run on over there and give her a virtual hug. K? Thanks in advance. You're awesome. =)

Sooooo, on to EM:ME...

Amber asked, "How are you doing?"

Well, Amber...I'll tell you...and I'll be totally honest. promise. I haven't been doing the best that I could do, but I've been doing ok. I skipped WW last week. *gasp* I know, I know. Bad. Last week was so super busy and we had 3 special things going on at work...and you know what that means...CAKE! Yep, there was a Merritt's Cake in my office THREE times last week!!! I resisted. I didn't eat ONE piece! Can you believe that? I surprised myself. How does one turn down Merritt's cake not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES? It was quite an accomplishment. So, even though I didn't wake up early enough to exercise with Maksim *pouty lip*, I did have some successes. The bad: not exercising enough, letting my emotions direct my eating, buying a can of Frito Mild Cheddar flavored cheese dip...and eating all of the said Frito Mild Cheddar flavored cheese dip. The good: eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, and remembering to take my vitamins daily. Oh, and I went to WW yesterday. :) I lost 1.8 pounds! WOOHOO! It's not a lot, but it's a loss and it brings my total to 20.6 pounds!

So, how is everyone else doing?

P.S. For those of you who I sent packages out to as Thank You's for commenting for a cause, your packages should be arriving in the next couple of days...except for Shilo, I'm thinking Paraguay will take a few extra days. :)

P.S.S. I just wanted to say that Wicked was WICKED! I had a FABULOUS time. It is seriously the BEST musical I've ever been to and I can NOT quit listening to the soundtrack. It's amazing! I'm going to host a little WICKED giveaway soon, so don't miss it. :)

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Life with Kaishon said...

You are such a SUPER STAR! Look at you go. 20 pounds? I am so happy for you. And turning down cake. That is just amazing in every way!

Crying about kindergarten along with you. How do they grow so quickly? What in the world?

Dawn said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats on the weightloss! That's awesome.

I think once school starts we'll all be back to a better schedule with blogging. At least that's what I'm hoping! LOL!

I'm glad you enjoyed Wicked. I really wish I would have seen it!

Heather said...

Congrats on your loss! 1.8 pounds for the week is awesome! And 20.6 pounds total is absolutely fabulous! Keep it up!

Oh, and good work resisting cake THREE times ~ I am SO not that strong!

Fresh Mommy said...

I think we've all been bad bloggers and bad blogger friends this summer... I know I have been. It's all good though!! We'll 'see' each other when we 'see' each other, right? And just pick up where we left off.

Congrats on the extra pounds! It's always important to celebrate every little victory!!


Vivienne said...

Every little bit helps and it adds up doesn't it!? Great job!!!

Tara said...

It sure makes all the difference when you lose even just a pound! It's so hard!!! Each day is a choice.. of what we do isn't it? hmmm It certainly did me good to read your post tonight! :)

Kelli said...

20.6 lbs...WHOOT, WHOOT!!! How exciting. I'm with you on the lack of exercise and the emotional eating. I've been doing well with water. I'm glad you enjoyed Wicked. I need to get to a play. Deep breath for the first day of'll do just fine.

~Billie~ said...

WooHoo!! Your losing weight, so your making progress!
Don't worry about being a bad blogger - life just gets in the way sometimes and it's really hard during the summer with all the warm weather and vacations!
Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is great! I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Aww.... Isaiah starts kindergarten....I pray you stay strong. I've heard it's quite emotional. said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Yeah, you go girl!

And yeah for Wicked being wicked!

msprimadonna67 said...

I know exactly what you mean! I was feeling so bad because I was so hit and miss on my blog and on commenting for the past month. I really thought summer vacation would have me writing more, but I just didn't sit in front of the computer. I did want to thank you for sending me the cute little package you sent--it was exciting to get a surprise in the mail. Made my day! I really should have said something earlier, and I'm sorry.

P.S.--Congrats on the weight loss--that's awesome!