It's Dangerous To Go Alone - A Legend of Zelda Birthday Party

I thought about coming on here and just writing my post and pushing "publish" like no big I haven't been here in 7 months.  But I have to be completely honest and tell you that I almost forgot how to even get here.  I was going to feel really stupid if I had to email one of you and ask you how.  Fortunately, I got to hang on to a little bit of my pride, and I figured it out myself.

That being said, how the heck are you guys?

One of my New Year's resolutions was to make a point to stop by here at least a couple of times a month and dust off the cobwebs.  So, here I am.

*blows dust*

*coughs uncontrollably*

I have so many things that I've wanted to blog about.  I actually am having a hard time figuring out where to start!  I know crazy problem for someone who hasn't blogged in 7 months.  Trust me, it's not that I haven't had any "material", I just haven't had the time!

Did you all know that I went to LA to the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere, camped out for 3 days, and met Robert FREAKING Pattinson?  I'm sure if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you picked up on that little tidbit.  I still pinch myself every once in a while.

So, that's totally bloggable, right?!

I've also thrown a few parties and such that I would like to blog about.  I love putting stuff like that on here, because it's a way for me to keep track of my own ideas and I know I always love finding blog posts like that when I'm trying to plan a party.

Last Saturday, Isaiah turned 9!  Can you believe that?  When I started this blog, he was 4.  I seriously have NO idea where the last 9 years have gone.  He reminds me constantly that he'll be a teenager in 4 years.  WHA?!  No.  I'm planning on doing everything within my power to change the age of becoming a teenager...maybe adding in a few new numbers between 9 and 13.  Something.  I can't just stand by and let this happen.

So, Saturday, we had a Legend of Zelda party.  If you know Isaiah, you know that he always wants something crazy and off the wall.  It was fun going old school.  I should have paid more attention back in my Nintendo days, because I had to keep using the 8 year old (now 9...only 4 years away from a teenager).

Let me tell you, there are just not that many Zelda party resources out there!  I looked high and low...blogs, Pinterest, websites, etc.  I finally found a few good ideas over on the Zelda Party Channel.  Surprisingly (or not), there are more adult party ideas out there than their are kid friendly ideas.

Here's how we did it:

Isaiah's top request was a Triforce Treasure Hunt.  So, I found a free template for a Treasure Hunt online at and customized it to fit our party.  I made some signs for different parts of the yard using places from the Legend of Zelda games.  I led the kids around the yard as they searched for pieces of the Triforce.  Sometimes, they would have to solve a math problem or a riddle to know where to find the next clue.  Then, when they had all of the pieces of the Triforce, they put it together and flipped it over for their final clue, which led them to Isaiah's Room where there was a treasure box full of gold (aka chocolate coins).  The kids loved it and it took up a lot of the party time!

The other activity that we did was making shields.  Even the girls loved this!  They totally got into designing their shield.  They put a lot of thought and hard work into them.  Then, they took them with them on their Treasure hunt!  

Along with some swords, of course, because it's dangerous to go alone! 

For food, we had pizza and Red Potion Punch.  The punch was a recipe I got off of the Zelda Party Channel website and it was DELICIOUS.  I'll definitely be putting it in my file for future use...would be tasty for an "adult beverage"...I'm thinking tequila or rum, probably.  I used frozen strawberries, so it gave it a slushie consistency.  I made individual servings by pouring it into 8oz Mason jars.  Since it started out semi-frozen, they stayed cold for hours (with the lids on)!  This was a big hit with the kids and the adults!

I basically just used lots of green and gold for the decorations and found some Zelda party supplies on failed to take any decent pictures of the, just use your imagination. 

The piece de resistance of any party, if you ask me, is the cake!  My cousin's wife's sister  (did you get that?) started making cakes a couple of years ago and she has been a wonderful resource for me when I'm planning an event!  She never fails to come through with an AMAZING cake and she's always up for a challenge.  I love her...and this cake!  Isaiah loved it, too.

He was one very happy 9 year old...who will be a teenager in 4 years.  


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MiMi said...

**cough cough**
Hey, I have vague memories of this place....??

You're adorable. That looks like a blast of a party.

And my idea on the not becoming a teenager is that it all begins when they hit the double digits. So come up with some numbers between 9 and 10 and pass them along to me.

Also, I see on FB you got a new camera. What is it? I love cameras!

VandyJ said...

*sneezes* loudly twice. Gosh that's a lot of dust.
Good to see you back. Looking forward to the next visit.

Connie said...

I'm allergic to I have my little white mask over my mouth. My eyes are watering.....

I love this party! I saw your pictures on IG (yo...that's code for instagram, don't cha know) and I loved them all.

I have always wanted to do a treasure hunt for my son's birthday party and even though I told him I'm not doing a big party this year, I might have to change my mind!!

Did you cut the shields out of cardboard?

Xazmin said...

Welcome back! I've been a slacker too - but not as bad as you!

LOVE your fabulous party planning skills, as usual!

Isaiah is one lucky kid to have such a talented mama!

I hope your new year is being totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

Saw the pics on IG. What a great party!

I knew you camped out and went to the premiere, but I missed the part where you actually met him. OMG, you have to blog it!

Dangrdafne said...

What a great party!! I am sure your son will remember it forever... or at least until he is a teenager... in 4 years ;) lol

You are so resourceful and creative. Your family is very lucky.

Hope to see you around these parts more. I actually have posted on my blog every day since December 1. I even finally posted the BD1 premiere from 2011 LOL!!! Felt good to get it published though.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

That party looks AWESOME!!! Kam and Kenners both have parties coming up . . . any chance I could get you to come out here and plan ours?

And please, please, please, figure out some numbers to add in between 9 and 13. Sierra turned 10 in August {and Jeremy pointed out to me that she'll "be out of the house in 8 years". Uh, thanks hun. I might have smacked him}.

Shawn said...

I about choked on my own saliva when I saw your name on the linky! Welcome back friend I have missed you!

OK now don't laugh and remember I have girls that are 18 and 13...what is a Zelda?

The party looks super cool, even if I have no clue who or what Zelda is. And I agree that the cake is the best part of any party and your cousin's wife's sister rocked it!

Mrs. Match said...

You need to be a professional party planner! Your parties are so creative! I love that Zelda is still cool! Zelda was so popular when I was a kid. Glad it's stayed classic. Come help me plan my parties!!