First Day of First Grade

With everything going on the past couple of weeks, 
I didn't have the chance to fully commemorate 
Isaiah's first day of First Grade!  
It's a momentous occasion.
  So far, he loves school.
He loves that he has his VERY OWN desk...
with his name on it.  
He loves his teacher, his friends...
and he LOVES the class pet, Daisy.  
He's convinced that he now NEEDS a bunny.  
Oh, yay.  
I'm pretty sure our lazy black lab would see her as a new toy...
or possibly a snack.  
One thing that can get that lazy dog worked up
are the bunnies that come to eat the clover in our backyard.
I think that's the only time she actually runs is when she spots a bunny.
Thankfully the bunnies are much quicker than she is.
I can't imagine having one in a cage, 
Lord help me.  
I reminded Isaiah that we already have bunnies...
the ones that love to eat the clover in the backyard, 
but he informed me that those bunnies belong to nature and 
he needs one that belongs to him.  
Oh, boy.  
Any advice on bunnies?
Anyone have a dog and bunnies that reside in the same house together?  
How was everyone else's first days of school?

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Kelli said...

I love the reasoning of children. SO glad he loves school and is having a great time. Jamison's first day was great and she loves it so far.

Shawn said...

Having 4 dogs any type of "rodent" has not worked well for us. THe hamsters all dies a horrible death ala dog and the guinea pigs needed to find a new home because I lived in fear of finding them being used as the newest chew toy!

I do know someone who has a pet rabbit and they actually have it trained to use a litter box. He hops freely around their house! That's not for me but it can me done.

Maybe you could arrange for Isaiah to bring Daisy home over the long weekend. They are always looking for willing parents to take care of them during breaks, it could be a trial run for the you and the dog.

Good luck!

Carrie said...

I am glad he likes school. Good luck with the bunny :)


Darlene said...

YAY that he likes school and how fun to have a bunny in the classroom. He is looking so grown up from when I first met you on the blog!!!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Hmmm-Doesn't seem like a bunny and the dog would get along so well -Don't have much advice on that though. I remember when I was in Elem. school we had a class pet -some kind of hamster or something -I thought I would be cool like the other kids and try to put it in my pocket -But, it just peed -in. my. pocket - Ewww!
-Hopefully that made you smile -just a little ;)

shortmama said...

What a cute first grader!

MiMi said...

He's adorable! Bunny's scare me. For real.
My little guy was in first grade last year and each kid had ALL 3 of their names on their desks. It was so cute, you'd walk in and read their full names off. lol

Anonymous said...

Well Jenny, we had a bunny several years ago. He was a living doll! We loved him. He was so fun and energetic. He chased the cats around the house. Came when called to. Used the litter box. However, they are A LOT of work. If you don't clean their cage out at least every few days it will stink to high heaven. We didn't get another one and I gave the cage away after he died. Not only that but my husband ended up being quite allergic. We couldn't figure out why he was covered in rashes all the time. His doctor thought he'd developed eczema. Nope, bunny died- husband was cured! It's up to you but it seems dogs and cats are way easier to take care of.

I am glad that Isaiah had a great first day of school!

Anonymous said...
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Connie W said...

Doesn't the iPhone have a bunny app? That would be sooo much easier!

I couldn't wait to get my first desk!

Vivienne said...

Those are Nature's Bunnies. That is priceless!

(Tell him he needs to share with nature. No on the bunny....)

Grant's first day is today. I can't wait to see how it went.

Life with Kaishon said...

You would be the best bunny mom! We had some when I was growing up. They lived outside.

Our school starts Tuesday. I'm sad kaish is growing up so much. I cant take it...