Shredding Update and Twilight junk...because I can't help myself

I finished Day 9 of The Shred this morning...not because I wanted to. It has been quite the effort to JUST DO IT the last couple of days. Although, my endurance and stamina are up. I am able to do the entire workout without stopping. I'm SCARED to go to Level 2 on Thursday. I played around with it over the weekend and those plank exercises are freakin' ridiculous! I don't know what will happen. I may just stick to level 1 for another week. I did move up to 5 pounds hand weights. I can definitely feel the burn. It feels good. Even though it has been a struggle to get myself motivated to do the workout, by the time I am in the second circuit of strength training, the endorphins kick in and I'm good to go. I can finish strong. So, that is a plus. I'm hoping for some good results when I weigh in at WW tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Here is something that I found online this morning and it makes me laugh...

OH and I am LOVING Anna Kendrick. She seriously has some of the funniest lines from New Moon and I love her more and more with each interview. I'm definitely going to see her other movies. Anybody watched Up In The Air yet?

Guilliana is hilarious with her Clooney obsession.

I was just reading some not-so-breaking news about Breaking Dawn. It was just more of the same questions...will BD be one or two movies?...when will filming start?...who will play Renesmee?...will she be real or CGI? No one seems to have answers to any of these questions just yet and Summitt has not released anything official about, we're left hanging and wondering...and hoping. One good thing, is that there will be a Breaking Dawn movie and there is a possibility for that movie to be in 2 parts...WOOHOO! I would be completely happy with either one really long...Lord Of The Rings two normal length films. You know me and my party planning, so of course I would love the chance to have ONE more movie...because that just means ONE more party! Either way, I can't wait!

Another thing that I CAN'T WAIT for is the trailer for Eclipse...WHAT is taking those people so long?!! It's driving me crazy! We got to see the NM trailer almost 6 months before the movie premiered. We're already down to 161 days until Eclipse, that is just a little over 5 months. So, what are they waiting for? Geez! Help a girl (and her obsession) out a little. Release the trailer already!

Some of you have asked me exactly what IS a TwiCon. So, I'll tell you in my next blog post. I'll link it up to the main site and give you a list of cities where they are hosted. Plus, I'll show you some of the fun stuff that I've found on line from other people's experiences at TwiCon...which makes me so stinkin' excited!!!

I saw New Moon for the fifth time over the weekend. I'm patiently waiting on it to come out at the dollar theater. I'm planning on having a New Moon marathon.

How many times have you seen New Moon? Also, have you ever been to a fan-based convention? Have I officially reached nerd status?

12 comments...I love comments:

MiMi said...

I already thought she was awesome in New Moon and now I love her even more!! Ha ha! I'm done with that about George Clooney, that's awesome.
And yeah, I'm team Jacob too, baby!

Carrie said...

I am so proud of you for doing the shred!

Ok don't hate me but I haven't seen New Moon yet! I know I can't believe it either!



Jen said...

I've only seen New Moon 2x :( but that will change when the DVD comes out. And it may go to the dollar theater soon, right now it's still playing in the first runs here, if you can believe it!

YAY JENNY on the 5lb weights! Keep some lighter ones handy though for level 2 - the strength move in circuit 3 is just killer - I use 5lbs for the first set of v squats and 3 for the 2nd - and even then I'm dying! The rest of it seems to be getting easier, like you said with lvl 1 - give 2 a shot! The planks get easier after a time or two :)

shortmama said...

I am strangely looking forward to doing more of the shred tomorrow....crazy I know but on the other hand I know it is going to work...its intense!

Becca said...

Oh Momma!!! Stay with me- keep it going!! we are shredding on the same timeline!!!!

Your Twilight obsession makes me smile and yes you are a nerd.

But a cute shredded one!


brainella said... reached nerd status a while back. But we love you anyway!

BTW...this Shred thing is starting to scare me.

Tanielle said...

I've only seen it once, and can't wait to see it again, there is some hotness for sure!!! Way to go on the shred, someday maybe......:-) Have a great night!

Vivienne said...

Good job with your "shredding"! Stick with it. (I am great at cheering on other people, but don't ask me if I'm walking the talk!)

I still need to see New Moon and read the other 2 books. I'll get around to it at some point.

Xazmin said...

You are gonna be one hot mama!

I can't wait to hear all about your progress...we need to get smokin' hot before our boys go on tour again!

Michelle said...

I am so proud of you with the shred, you are doing so awesome! Keep up the good work. Also love Anna Kendrick too! and I am totally with you on the trailer, when are they going to put it out?????? Geeshshhh! Hope you're having a great day! xoxo

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Connie Weiss said...

Love that clip from the awards show!

Great job on your shredding!