Nothing Specific

I just wanted to blog specific specific reason...nothing specific to say or tell.
What can I say? Sometimes I just really miss you guys. {awe}
Surprise, surprise...I'm not even going to mention Twilight...oops, okay...I'm not going to for the rest of this post.
It's Tuesday. The sun is shining {a little} here in Tulsa. I'm feeling a lift in my spirits just from the brief sunshine. I can feel my body soaking up the vitamin D. I had some Starbucks too, in a really cute cup with a {heart} on the side♥ I'm guessing it's left over from Valentine's Day, but I think it should be the standard Starbucks cup...well, maybe they could switch out between the red cup from Christmas and this one.
Speaking of Valentine's Day, I had a good one. Me and my sweetheart went to dinner at Red Lobster, that's like our date night stand-by...can't go wrong with Cheddar Bay Biscuits, shrimp, and crab legs. Then we went and watched Valentine's Day, which I highly recommend. I know there are some mixed reviews, but I thought it was super funny and really cute. It starts out as one of those predictable chick flicks {which I love}, but it's not as predictable as you think. It has a few surprises. Plus, there is some serious eye candy. Can't go wrong there.
How was your Valentine's Day? How's your week going? I REALLY want to know.

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MiMi said...

We went out on Friday and we were gonna watch a movie, but the only one my husband would see was that Werewolf one or whatever that is. But, hello, there's only ONE werewolf I wanna watch. Duh.
And last year he took me to Shopaholic, so I felt like I couldn't force him to see another chick flick. :(
Anyway, we shopped for a lil something for the lil valentines (aka, the boys :) ) and then went home. We are so lame.

Shilo said...

That is the cutest picture of Isaiah! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Valentines!

msprimadonna67 said...

We had a GREAT Valentine's Day--glad to hear your was a great one, too: )

Michelle said...

Ok, LOVE the picture of your little boy. and I loved the movie Valentines day too! It got like 1 star but I thought it was so good. I think someone other then critics need to write movie reviews. :)

Carrie said...

cute picture oh lord crab legs and those biscuit are the best!

I am glad you had a fab Valentines!


Jessica said...

We love Red Lobster (and usually order the crab legs and shrimp and gotta' love the biscuits). But...we went to Texas Roadhouse for Valentines Day and it was super good too!

brainella said...

Nothing in the world beats the Red Lobster biscuits. Nothing. Ever.

I love your new look, BTW. Very Twi-friendly.

jenjen said...

I thought it was cute too! And Red Lobster - I haven't been there for so long. Love that place! Those cheesy biscuits are the best!

Love your new blog header!


shortmama said...

I want to see that movie....mmmm Cheddar biscuits...mmmm

Anonymous said...

I am dying to see that movie! I love chick flicks! OMGosh.... those biscuits at Red Lobster are the best!

Kelli said...

You can NEVER go wrong with RL! We love that place. V-Day was good, could have been better. My week so far is cold and snowy but relaxing all the same. I'm ready for Spring. Hugs!

Darlene said...

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! I love Red Lobster and their Cheddar biscuits are THE best. As a matter of fact, I have a recipe for them. I need to post it huh!!!?!

Enjoy our nicer weather this week....looks like another winter mix is coming in this weekend.

Xazmin said...

So good you had a great Valentine's ...and I LOVE me some Red Lobster!!

And that little Isaiah is so stinkin' cute!

Vivienne said...

Sounds like a lovely night. (I want to see that movie too!)