Signs of Summer

The signs of summer are all around. Yesterday as I drove down the park road, the road that leads to my house, I was taking in the view...The city park was buzzing, kids were swimming, moms were playing with their children, people were practicing baseball, there were walkers on the track. It feels good doesn't it? When seasons change, it makes us feel like we can too. For some, summer means vacations, family picnics, and reunions. For others, it means baseball games, swimming holes, and lazy days. I know for me it makes me feel like eating healthier and exercising more...which is never a bad thing! The grass is green, the trees are in blossom, and flowers are sprouting...color abounds. Yes, summer is a happy season.

Look for summer all around you. Breathe in the warm air. Enjoy the longer days. Love every minute of it!

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Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Summer Summer Yeah for favorite season well second to the begins of Fall I just love all the bright colors of the fall leaves...I love your blog...xoxo